6 Must-Have Sign and Graphic Products for a Well Designed Pop-Up Shop

You’ve heard all the cries: E-commerce is killing brick and mortar! Wal-Mart is crushing small businesses! Amazon is taking over everything!

Whoa, cool your jets there, doomsayers. Yes, it’s true that shoppers are shunning traditional department stores and malls, but it’s not because we’ve become mindless drones filling carts online. It’s because the traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience stinks. We still like seeing products in person and talking about them with authentic (not pushy!) brand representatives. And we love good shopping experiences.

It’s why the pop-up shop has become a craze and is likely here to stay. At Big Visual Group, we’re pop-up shop design experts and have all the products you need to set up the visual merchandising in your pop up shop.

Let’s talk a little about our most popular products and how they can be used in your pop-up store.

1. Window Displays

window display for a pop-up shop

As an advertising tactic used since the beginning of retail, window displays turn heads and drive foot traffic to your store. At a pop-up shop, you want to tell your story and create urgency. Tell people why they should come inside and communicate that this is a temporary deal. Fear of missing out is a strong influence on buying decisions, and you want to send a clear signal that they might miss out if they wait.

2. Digital Displays

A pop-up shop’s small footprint often relies on technology to make the most use of the space. Informational and interactive kiosks with screens to stream videos, learn more about your brand, and submit their contact info are popular and experience-enriching ways to deliver customer satisfaction.

3. Lighting

As you travel from space to space, great lighting to shine on your products may come and go. You can have better control over the lighting of your space with a lit retail display.

4. POP Signage

You may have only a small space to tell your story and influence a buying decision. Make the most of it with vibrant, clear, and direct promotional signage.

5. Wayfinding Signage

Temporary wayfinding banner for pop-up shop

Outside the store, put temporary wayfinding signage wherever you are able to in order to funnel more traffic to your storefront. Again, stress the urgency. Inside the store, use signage to help guide visitor flow and organize the space.

6. Counters

Make buying easy and transactions go smoother with a great checkout space. Expertly blend the POS technology you use with a well-designed traditional retail display to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and brand affinity.

We have everything you need to design and set up your pop-up shop. All you need to do is shoot us a note or pick up the phone to get started!